In redesigning our website, it seemed natural to build a space where we could share our latest thinking. After all, everyone blogs. But before we jumped on the blogging bandwagon, we took a step back and asked ourselves a question that we ask all of our clients: to what end? What do we hope to achieve? In a commentary rich world, what can we offer?

Every day we stand in the middle of interesting conversations with people from across the sector with multiple and sometimes contradictory points of view. We look at stacks of data to see if we can divine fact from anecdote. We watch good ideas struggle to get funded and good funders struggle to fund. We listen to board members reflect on their role and managers try to find footing with boards. We meet folks creating great organizations and those who have learned hard lessons.

It’s great. Thrilling. Frustrating. And ultimately illuminating.

So that’s what we will blog about: the point of view that comes from standing amidst. We hope to launch and participate in conversations with boards, executive directors, funders, and other actors in the nonprofit sector that impact how they think about addressing organizational- and sector-wide issues. What the heck…let’s aim big.

We hope that our take on these issues will give you new ideas and inspiration. We welcome a dialogue, so please, leave a comment and share the conversation with your own networks. Like a post? Pass it on! Disagree? Pass it on!