What We Do

TDC offers consulting and research services to organizations and funders, driving strategic change in the nonprofit sector.

Integrated Planning for Organizations

An effective nonprofit is built on a vision for impact in society; a marketplace that values that vision; and the necessary expertise, resources, and capacity to make it happen over time.

TDC helps organizations address each of these factors through a process that results in a strategic business plan that sets an achievable roadmap for forward momentum. Such a plan includes:

  • A vision for impact;
  • Data to support the vision;
  • A programmatic strategy: the organization’s programs and how they impact target beneficiaries;
  • An operational strategy: the staffing, facilities, and other infrastructure an organization needs to implement its programmatic strategy;
  • A capitalization strategy: how the organization will garner enough capital to operate effectively over time, through one-time investments and a business model that produces surpluses; and
  • A plan to assess progress against the strategies.

TDC offers a full spectrum of services to help our clients articulate and realize a fully integrated strategic business plan. You might, however, wish to zero in on a specific question within this spectrum.

  • Strategic business plans
  • Organizational assessments
  • Market research & testing
  • Implementation planning
  • Scenario modeling
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Capitalization assessments
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Evaluations
  • Mergers & partnerships
  • Human resources consulting
  • Board & executive coaching

Partnerships with Funders and Donors

Foundations and their colleagues in philanthropy play a vital role in the nonprofit sector that goes beyond their financial investments.

Like organizations, effective funders have a vision for impact that is supported by data in the markets in which they are trying to drive change and that is operationalized through their funding strategies.

TDC is a hands-on thought partner that can help philanthropic entities design strategies to achieve their visions. We can help with:

  • Internal planning
  • Program design
  • Program delivery
  • Program evaluation
  • Research on the field
  • Technical assistance to grantees

Sector Research

With the holistic perspective shaped by our work with organizations and funders, TDC generates unique insights that progress strategic thinking across the nonprofit system.

In our sector research and writing, we explore ideas that make both organizations and the sector stronger. We invite you to read about our sector research in the thinking section of this website.