Juliana Koo

Senior Vice President

Juliana Koo, Vice President, joined TDC in 2008. Her practice includes strategic business planning, program evaluation, and organizational development. Julie helps her clients to align their mission and aspirations with the realities of their operating environments. She works with her clients to scan their marketplace and identify the implications of the data, offering guidance designed to help make strategic decisions that position an organization for success.  The end result is the articulation of the value of an organization’s work and programs that is grounded in a financial model and communicated in a plan that makes a compelling case for support. In addition to her work for organizational clients, Julie contributes to TDC’s body of research on arts organizations.

Prior to joining TDC, Julie worked in higher education and literary publishing, as Executive Director of the Program on Social Enterprise at the Yale School of Management and as Managing Editor at Kaya Press, a nonprofit publisher of Asian and Asian American literature. She holds a BA in English and american literature from Harvard University and a MBA with a concentration in nonprofit management from the Yale School of Management.

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Why TDC?

“Most of us at TDC cut our teeth at nonprofits. We have the on-the-ground experience to see the world from our clients’ perspective, and recognize that nonprofit leaders are often navigating complex situations that would stymie even the most seasoned business professional.”