Rachel Crocker Ford

Vice President

Rachel Crocker Ford, Vice President, joined TDC in 2010. Her consulting practice focuses on collaborating with clients to create strategic business plans grounded in financial context, market research, and risk awareness. Her approach emphasizes ensuring that the whole client team achieves fluency in both the strategic and financial dimensions of the process and its result. Rachel has also contributed to TDC’s work in the area of nonprofit capitalization as a researcher and financial coach to organizations. She works with clients across the sector.

Prior to joining TDC, Rachel was the Manager for Policy and Program Development at Working Today-Freelancers Union, a New York City-based social enterprise. She also worked on designing customer service improvements at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the university hospital of Columbia and Cornell. Rachel holds a BA in sociology from Reed College and a MBA with concentrations in nonprofit strategy and finance from the Yale School of Management.

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Why TDC?

“I see myself as perpetually intellectually curious yet relentlessly pragmatic, and the culture here embraces that dichotomy. In our practice, we will raise hard, abstract, and sometimes seemingly intractable questions that stand in the way of meaningful organizational progress. Then we work with our clients to develop and execute concrete strategies to address these core issues.”